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Xperien to show how companies can save 35% on their IT budget

Xperien is hosting an event to show business leaders how they could save nearly 35% on their IT budgets and still stay compliant in 5 easy steps.

Nearly 100 delegates from the corporate, non-profit, Government and academic sectors will enjoy an enthralling presentation from Xperien including a case study that will show the benefits of financing assets, repayment and rental options that are 100% tax deductible.

There are a number of basic requirements and information one should request before partnering with any IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company. An increasing number of government regulations, industry standards and internal risk mitigation policies require organisations to sanitise storage media prior to disposal or reuse.

There are numerous destruction options that guarantee privacy and also ensure a company's reputation will not be compromised. Whether data destruction is done through software erasure, hard drive shredding or degaussing, a certificate of data destruction must be provided to validate the quality of service.

Xperien has been demonstrating its mobile hard drive shredder, a fully equipped PoPI compliant truck that provides on-site degaussing and destruction facilities. The main advantage this truck brings to data security is that it eliminates the need to provide a chain of custody for the client’s data because the truck comes to the client’s premises.

Xperien's Bridgette Vermaak will be covering IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), from compliance to security, from data destruction, data sanitisation, transportation logistics to warehousing, recycling and disposal.

“Computers, phones and other digital devices needn’t be discarded; they can be optimised through reuse, repair or resale. Refurbishment is good for both consumers and the environment,” she explains.

"However, one needs to ensure refurbished systems are ISO certified and audited. Certified refurbished system (CRS) is an industry standard that gives consumers piece of mind knowing that they have purchased from an accredited reseller with good after sales service," she says.

"Many companies still choose to shred their drives to permanently remove data, but is there a more secure and less expensive options. Blancco will show you how to ensure the safe and secure destruction of all data and the complete sanitisation of all IT assets prior to disposal," says Vermaak.

For more information contact Xperien on (011) 462-8806 or email

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