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ITAD Services, ESG & SDG's:
What are they?

How do ITAD Services contribute towards your ESG Factors?

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) is a discipline that aligns your IT hardware with essential ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors.

Environmental: Within the realm of environmental stewardship, ITAD emphasizes the reuse and redeployment of IT hardware within the circular economy. This approach helps to curtail the generation of electronic waste (eWaste) while preventing pollution through the proper disposal of hazardous substances.


Our Environmental Services:

E1:​ Re-use IT Hardware

E2: Prevent eWaste


Social: ITAD principles champion social responsibility. They promote the utilization of IT hardware to reduce inequalities through donations, effectively bridging the digital divide. Additionally, ITAD involves selling equipment to staff, providing them with employment benefits.

Our Social Services:

S1:​ Reduce inequalities

S2: Sell 2 Staff

S3: Support for eWaste NPC's

Governance: Beyond environmental and social considerations, ITAD also governs compliance with data protection laws. This involves secure data erasure during technology transitions and at the end of an equipment's life cycle. ITAD extends its reach to ensure the diligent recovery of residual value from used IT equipment. It emphasizes transparent reporting of ESG impacts.

Our Governance Services:

G1:​ Mitigate Data Loss

G2: Value Recovery

G3: Impact Reporting

In essence, ITAD principles serve as a powerful conduit to integrate ESG factors into IT hardware management, fostering responsible practices that align with broader sustainability goals.

90% of executives are thinking about how they can advance their ESG factors for their company. 

The Evolution of ESG: From Concept to Framework

While the term "ESG" first appeared in a 2004 UN report, it wasn't until the 2020s that it transformed into a proactive force. ESG has its roots in historical movements, focusing on health, safety, pollution reduction, and corporate philanthropy. Over time, it has grown into a comprehensive framework addressing environmental and social impacts and governance reforms to enhance stakeholder well-being.


Assess your ITAD impact using ESG Factors

ESG is a vital tool for businesses, enabling them to assess their societal and environmental impact. It encourages responsible practices and accountability, aligning operations with broader societal goals. ESG empowers companies to measure their commitment to sustainability and actively contribute to community well-being and environmental preservation.

Drive Sustainable Change with Our SDG-Aligned ITAD Services


ESG and SDGs are distinct concepts. SDGs, established by the United Nations, represent global goals for humanity and the planet's sustainability. ESG, on the other hand, is a corporate rating system measuring a company's environmental and social responsibilities across its supply chain and operations. While SDGs encompass all stakeholders, ESG primarily concerns the business community and companies.

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