​Value Recovery

We offer fair market value for end-of-life and redundant IT equipment.


Disjointed ITAD increases your risks and hurts your bottom line. We provide a one-stop solution for decommissioning and retiring end-of-life IT equipment. Our solution manages all aspects of the IT lifecycle; including transportation, identification, testing, repair, data sanitisation and value recovery.

ITAD is more than recycling eWaste, a good sustainability plan should include the resell of tested, working IT assets and parts.

Our offer to purchase includes the collection, data erasure and reporting so that you can dispose of your equipment knowing that you have complied with relevant legislation and have received the best value for your redundant IT equipment.

•    We offer fair market value for end-of-life and redundant IT equipment
•    We implement a customised value recovery plan for your IT assets
•    We buy your hardware to balance value and velocity
•    We promote reuse while helping recoup value



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