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Leaders in the IT Asset Disposition sector

Xperien is aligning their clients IT Assets with their ESG factors.


We are a passionate team of professionals who care about data privacy, our planet, its people and its resources.

From humble beginnings in 1999 as a used computer dealer, we strive to make our contribution by redefining the way corporations use IT hardware.
We provide our clients with secure ITAD services and have obtained ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditations specifically for ITAD and Sustainable Electronic Recycling International (SERI) R2v3.

“Aligning our clients IT assets with their environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors”.

We manage our client’s enterprise and desktop infrastructure in a sustainable manner - across the  African continent. Logistical solutions are tailored to cater for our clients’ geographical spread and to negate the ever-present risk of hard-drive theft from dispositioned computers.

Xperien promotes the sustainability of the enterprise through ITAD related principles and Environmental solutions that reduce their carbon footprint, promote the reuse of their IT assets and prevent eWaste from landfill.

Social solutions that help reduce inequalities by selling to staff refurbished equipment and donating refurbished IT asset (or the residual value) to the disadvantaged or NGO’s , 

Governance solutions that combat the challenges associated with data loss and to mitigate repetitional risk, recover residual value to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and verified assessments for impact reporting. 

M & V

Our Vision

Redefining sustainability by ensuring that the lifespan and functionality of IT equipment are optimised for effective service - many years beyond its original intention - before being considered for recycling. This ensures our planet’s resource are not squandered by consumerism and helps prevent climate change.

Our Mission

Through our IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) services we enable organisations to achieve maximum return on investment. To utilise their IT infrastructure in a sustainable manner, ensuring that IT hardware (that is retired from current use) is sanitised, refurbished and redeployed into the circular economy - aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Meet The Team



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Founding CEO



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Managing Director


Yolanda Mathebula

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Head of HR

Meet the Team
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Bridgette Vermaak

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Head of ITAD



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Finance Manager



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Head of Marketing


Ashley Van Wyk

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Warehouse Manager



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Compliance Manager

The key to our continued success is our commitment to building globally diverse teams that fuel an inclusive and innovative environment. 

Wale Arewa, CEO

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