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Desktops the preferred choice for home workers
President Cyril Ramaphosa announces the commencement of POPI
A greener future for IT Asset Disposal
Working from Home poses huge threats
A greener future for IT Asset Disposal
Working from Home poses huge threats
A greener future for IT disposal
12 ways that South Africa is using technology to combat COVID-19
As the new POPI Act takes effect, here’s what you need to know
E-waste recycling key to managing and unlocking value
Refurbished computers in huge demand
IT Asset disposal industry must have iso certification
New appetite for used IT equipment
It is finally time to start acting on POPIA says Xperien
‘It’s time to act on POPIA’, says Xperien CEO
The dangers of working from home
I miss control
Refurbished Computers in Huge Demand
PoPI Act is already in play
Safeguard sensitive data before disposal
With Xperien’s CSI initiative, the forgotten class are no longer forgotten
Xperien lends a helping hand to the forgotten class
Wale Arewa: Safeguard sensitive data before disposal
Safeguarding sensitive data before disposal
Second Hand becomes first choice
Decommission IT assets securely from anywhere
Schools set to comply with new computer privacy laws taking effect on July 1
Second time around
PoPIA: Schools to face penalties for non-compliance
Used electronics present security concerns
Get POPI-compliant or face fines
PoPIA: Time is running out to become compliant
PoPIA: Time’s up
Bridgette Vermaak: Making IT Asset Disposal sustainable
Laptop shortages continue into 2022
Xperien achieves global certification
Xperien achieves global certification
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