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Image by Geran de Klerk

Environmental Services

Re-use IT Hardware

Take proactive steps to combat climate change by extending the lifespan of your IT assets, participating in the circular economy, and supporting SDG 12 for responsible consumption. Reusing IT equipment not only reduces your carbon footprint but also conserves energy and mineral resources used in manufacturing.

Xperien specializes in creating re-use programs that align with your environmental impact objectives. We refurbish end-of-life IT equipment, extending their lifecycle by up to 10 years. This can be achieved through:

•    Redeploying equipment within your enterprise, minimizing the need for new purchases.
•    Reusing equipment for community projects, enhancing your social impact.
•    Remarketing and recovering residual value, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Achieve these environmental benefits, Xperien leverages the inherent value in your equipment to provide sustainable solutions. Contact us today, and let's develop an IT reuse program that significantly reduces your carbon footprint.

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