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Governance Services

Mitigate Data Loss

Prioritize data security with effective ITAD governance. Safeguard your brand and comply with regulations such as POPIA and GDPR. Xperien's data erasure solutions adhere to industry standards, including NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M.


Our physical destruction through the DestroyData mobile shredder truck ensures maximum security.

Our data destruction methods include:

  1. Data Sanitization

  2. Physical data destruction

  3. Degaussing

These data destruction methods can performed on the clients site for maximum security.

Xperien stands as the premier provider of enterprise-scale data erasure solutions, meticulously tried, tested, and aligned with several international governing bodies.


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R2v3 Certificate

We help you comply with GDPR and POPIA regulations.

POPIA and GDPR fortify individual privacy rights and enforce stringent data security. They bolster trust with consumers.


Xperien is here to guide you seamlessly through compliance with these crucial regulations.

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