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Save with refurbished electronics

Buying refurbished electronics provides a far better price versus value specification when compared to buying new devices. However, when purchasing these products, Xperien warns that one must ensure that they are Certified Refurbished Systems (CRS).

To make a smart buying decision one needs to understand what refurbished products really are, where they come from, how to buy them, and why refurbished is sometimes the best choice.

Refurbished products often have a negative connotation but one needs to discover the benefits of pre-owned products before making a final decision. Refurbishment helps curb electronic waste by lengthening the lifecycle of electronic equipment.

Refurbishing is not merely the cleaning and packaging of devices. It runs through an intensive process which includes, replacing faulty components, manufacturer OEM burn in testing, cosmetic surgery, quality control, performance upgrading, software and firmware redeployment and packaging.

Xperien aims to provide affordable computing to all by cutting costs and without compromising quality. After 20 years of innovation and development, the company has refined its refurbishment process which is ISO certified and audited.

If your IT budget is lean, then refurbished products offer high-quality, warrantied product at a low cost. However, there are a number of things to keep in mind when you buy refurbished products. Ensure your product was refurbished and certified by a trusted and accredited refurbishing company that offers adequate warranties and return policies.

Xperien offers Grade-A products, all its products are put through factory grade processes that are certified and audited by ISO 14001:2015, ISO9001:2015. It also offers a variety of warranties, 12 - 24-month warranty, Net business day onsite, as well as a fetch & return so that customers can buy with piece of mind knowing that they have purchased from an accredited supplier with aftersales service.

This certified refurbished equipment is not only given a second life, but at the end of each lease period clients are given the option to purchase the equipment at a reduced rate to further extend the lifecycle. Products that cannot be reused will have functional parts harvested and the waste will be responsibly recycled.

Xperien procures used computer equipment, tests it thoroughly and refurbishes it. This equipment is then leased to businesses looking for a low-cost option and one that enhances their environmental credentials. The CRS® stamp of assurance is its promise to deliver quality, value for money and integrity in every product sold.

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