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Creating a more productive workplace

Employee health and wellness has become a key focus for many businesses. Designing wellness programmes and providing exercise facilities to help workers achieve their health goals is an important step in improving the health and productivity of employees.

Research shows that employees who exercise regularly are far more productive. A healthy lifestyle contributes to substantially higher levels of productivity and it also reduces absenteeism and medical expenses and more importantly, it increases job satisfaction and engagement.

Business leaders need to look at loss of productivity due to lack of exercise and understand the impact it has on their bottom line. By implementing workplace wellness programs and exercise facilities, they can reduce the factors that significantly impact productivity loss. This will also lead to improvements in employee satisfaction and ultimately, profitability.

Wellness programs are also the perfect way to boost employee engagement, after all it's a good opportunity for colleagues to interact without the stresses of work.

As a good example, Xperien has established a state-of-the-art gymnasium as part of its wellness programme. The company is setting a good example for modern businesses by caring for its people. Its mission is to create a sustainable future for all and its vision - a healthy workforce.

One shouldn't disregard the importance of a healthy workforce. Business owners unfortunately only realise this once someone falls ill, a reminder that employees cannot contribute when they are not healthy. Therefore, management must understand that healthy employees are more productive.

Ensuring that employees are in good health is a higher priority than ever now that more employees are returning to the office. By investing in your people, what you’ll get in return will come tenfold.

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