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Xperien raises awareness for children in road safety

Team Xperien Cycling joined more than 30 000 cyclists in the 20th edition of Joburg's biggest cycling event, the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, to raise awareness for children in road safety.

The Xperien team is an ambassador for Wheel Well, a non-profit organisation that focuses on safety for children. It is also the only not for profit organisation that focus exclusively on children in road safety.

Team Xperien Cycling was established specifically to raise awareness for this non-profit organisation. The team and its supporters network at key cycling events to create exposure for sponsors in return for their contribution.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa says this year's event was a phenomenal success. "Our aim was to entertain and accommodate our staff while raising awareness for Wheel Well, making sure that people take road safety for children seriously. Our team performed exceptionally well, we got 23 medals out of a possible 27."

Wheel Well's Peggie Mars says this year the 947 Cycle Challenge was simply amazing. "We would not have been able to do it on this scale, were it not for the support of Xperien. They walk the talk, peddle for a purpose and they do this with passion as well as innovation. Our beautifully designed shirts stood out in the crowd, there were no mistaking for what they are peddling for - Children in Road Safety."

"Much of what we aim to achieve is to get people talking car seat and this Cycle Challenge achieved the goal. To top it all, Wheel Well received donations that will help us in our objective of putting every kid in every car in a car seat. A win on so many levels but mostly for our children in road safety. We look forward to doing this again in 2017 and build on the firm foundation put in place this year," she adds.

"We had lots of fun and it was also an excellent way to do some company team building. We are looking at doing it even bigger next year with more riders," concludes Arewa.

To make a donation for a car seat to help Wheel Well with road safety for children contact Xperien on (011) 462-8806 or visit

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