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Xperien acquires top ITAD talent

Highly experienced IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) specialist Lindie Van Ede has joined Xperien as a consultant. This appointment is part of the Company's expansion drive to grow its talent pool.

With many years' experience in the business supplies and equipment industry, Lindie has proven herself as a strong sales professional and has also equipped herself with specialised ITAD skills.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa says there are few highly skilled professionals in the ITAD space. "We are fortunate to have such a dynamic person like Debbie join our team, she has invaluable experience and understands our market."

"The disposal of electronics, including company IT equipment, is a massive business and is growing at an alarming rate throughout Africa. It is also a complex and specialised business and clients need guidance with designing an effective IT Asset management program," he explains.

As part of Xperien’s growth strategy, it also plans to provide a wider range of solutions for the effective recovery, reuse and retirement of redundant IT assets. It provides cost-effective solutions to combat the challenges associated with data loss and to mitigate reputational risk.

Van Ede says there are still many corporates who are yet to understand the benefits of our continuous IT lifecycle solution. "Due to the enormous increase of IoT, mobile and connected smart devices, there is far more critical data to sanitise and hardware to properly dispose of.”

“And with more companies moving their datacentres to the cloud, they often abandon large quantities of enterprise hardware in the process. The industry has also seen a shift in product and global compliance requirements like PoPIA and GDRP that has put increasing pressure on traditional ITAD processes, forcing companies to find more effective solutions,” she adds.

Although companies can manage some of the asset disposition services in-house, they are fast realising that data sanitisation, transportation logistics, warehousing and recycling represent the greatest potential risk and should be outsourced to experienced ITAD vendors.

“It is crucial for companies to find a balance between cost efficiency and risk mitigation to address the risks ITAD-related data security and improper recycling pose to their brand. They need to partner with ITAD specialists to better identify which ITAD processes they require,” Arewa concludes.

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