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Xperien's Accreditations & Standards

Data security is a critical concern for any organization. With some of the biggest challenges coming at the end of an IT asset’s life, it is a vital consideration in selecting an ITAD provider.

Xperien's Accreditations & Standards

Xperien provides cost-effective solutions for combatting the challenges associated with data loss. The methods we use in data erasure are physical destruction and data sanitization. Our compliance meets the NIST 800-88, DoD 5220.22-M, CEGS, and other accreditations suitable for data sanitization.

Secure Data Destruction Destroying files at head office is only half the challenge, we deliver solutions that allow the client to remain POPIA and GDPR compliant at any stage of the data or asset lifecycle - whether it’s in a city center or remote location. Adherence to the Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013 (PoPIA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is core to our business. Reduce Risk & Reduce Cost Stored data on Disk drives, flash memory, and backup tapes are a major security threat for any business, they store a massive amount of confidential data that can easily be compromised. We have commissioned DestroyData, which is a NIST800-80 complaint digital erasure software that we offer as a value add to our existing ITAD service, it allows customers to reduce cost without compromising safety. Our DestroyData truck crushes hard drives onsite and is required by our clients that need to comply with older physical destruction standards. This usually includes drives that have failed sanitization and the destruction of data backup tapes. We guarantee a safe chain of custody for data-bearing devices between a clients’ premises and our facilities. Decommissioning of IT Assets Securely from Anywhere More organizations are facing the challenge of technology change with employees now working from home. Xperien has announced that organizations can now decommission their IT assets securely, without employees having to return the equipment to the office. We work with existing Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to securely decommission old hardware and deliver the new without a strain on existing resources. We offer a computer upgrade program, providing a hassle-free nationwide collection, delivery, or swap-out program with full reporting. We also provide remote data sanitization, engaging with users, securely erasing all disk drives, and providing a certificate of compliance with regulations.

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