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Staff Benefits Program

Corporates selling old equipment is a classic use case of the circular economy. Providing your staff with a retail product with after sales services can be a nightmare if it’s not your core business.

We helped a bank develop a Staff Benefit Program that would provide 25,000 staff members with the opportunity to purchase the banks’ used IT equipment.


1. Arranged weekly disposal and sanitisation reporting for used equipment

2. Refurbish, provide ecommerce for retail and then provide after sales service

3. Client decides how much value they wish to transfer to staff


1. The bank and its staff were extremely impressed with the after sales service which includes online order tacking and a 12-month warranty

2. We always deliver on time - keeping customers happy

3. Staff love free shipping and this was a saviour during lockdown

4. A variety of payment options made life easy ETF, VISA, CASH

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