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Risk of valuable company data on mobile devices

Allowing employees to bring non-company devices into the organisation could pose huge security threats and if left unmanaged, it could lead to loss of intellectual property and other critical information. Companies need to put the right policies in place to secure their data.

More importantly, there needs to be policies in place for the decommissioning of mobile devices. This poses one of the highest risks to information safety as mobile devices are not usually subject to the various data erasure processes like used hard drives. This is a major concern as research shows that more than 100 million mobile phones are now being recycled per year.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa says companies need to manage growing workforce expectations around mobility. "Data erasure is a key concern and a topic that mustn't be ignored when it comes to protecting company information. Data, documents, records – everything that survives for a certain period and reaches the end of its useful life, must be securely erased at some time."

Tabernus Mobile Erasure software offers a solution to prevent data loss and safeguard company information. It supports all major mobile operating systems and generates reports and audit trails. The software takes 90 minutes to complete a full erasure and is able to support up to 40 smart devices at a time, ensuring timeous data erasure.

"We have chosen Tabernus due to its ability to provide a detailed erasure report and it supports multiple device platforms and can erase numerous devices simultaneously. Certified data erasure is a practical choice for businesses who want to secure their data without a time consuming manual process," he explains.

"By conforming to technology standards and certifications, we are able to provide customers with peace of mind. We guarantee no data is left on the device prior to reassignment, resale or retirement of the device," he adds.

Many companies assume that resetting a smartphone back to the factory default settings will destroy all data in the internal memory. This is certainly not the case, the data still remains in hidden files. Although a novice may find the data difficult to recover, a skilled hacker or computer forensic expert could easily access it.

Wale says by using erasure software like Tabernus, companies can be rest assured that no data leakages will occur. "Xperien stands by its promise of a data free device and would like to invite all current and prospective clients to contact us for a free trial."

For total destruction of mobile devices, Xperien offers the MAXXeGUARD disintegration unit. It’s the world’s first mobile, low-noise shredder that can be used in every office environment to destroy a wide range of digital media quickly and securely.

"No matter what method of data erasure is finally used, it should always be part of a consistent process and take into account some basic points. A clear policy for the secure disposal of old mobile devices should be implemented, companies should never forget that data erasure is not a bothersome imposition but something crucial for the welfare of the company," he concludes.

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