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Providing a critical service in troubling times

Xperien, a professional IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) company, has reported a sharp increase in demand for refurbished laptops and desktop PCs as the need to work-from-home grows. Providing a critical service in troubling times, the company is working hard to provide used computer equipment to customers across the country.

There are several factors driving this unprecedented demand for refurbished equipment. Restricted imports that has resulted in constrained supplies of new equipment is the primary reason, but also the sudden migration to work-from-home and home schooling.

Xperien procures used computer equipment, tests it thoroughly and refurbishes it. The company also leases refurbished equipment to businesses looking for a low-cost option and one that enhances their environmental credentials.

“Refurbishing is a complex process that includes replacing faulty components, manufacturer OEM burn in testing, quality control, performance upgrading, software and firmware redeployment and packaging,” says Xperien CEO Wale Arewa.

All products are put through factory grade processes that are certified and audited by ISO 14001:2015, ISO9001:2015. Xperien also offers a variety of warranties as well as a fetch and return service so that customers can buy with peace of mind knowing that they have purchased from an accredited supplier with after sales service.

“We are really working hard to meet the growing demand and we will continue to provide essential recycling and other IT disposition services to critical industries such as financial and healthcare. So far, thousands of people have had a good experience using high quality certified refurbished equipment. This will certainly make our value proposition more compelling in future,” he concludes.

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