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Need to boost your IT budget

A downturn in the global economy calls for innovative ideas to keep businesses afloat and to boost budgets. Redundant IT assets can now be used as a 'Trade-in', allowing businesses to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

This concept can be further enhanced by using this ‘trade-in ‘as a deposit on the purchase of new or refurbished equipment, or simply a cash injection into the business itself.

Xperien has introduced a range of continuous IT Asset lifecycle solutions to assist companies during these challenging times. Through a partnership with Merchant West new and Certified Refurbished Systems (CRS) may also be financed at rates significantly below prime. The ‘trade-in’ option can be used in this context to further reduce a customer’s financing obligations in the form of a deposit.

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) expert Bridgette Vermaak says Xperien offers flexibility and peace of mind. "Clients can now trade-in redundant assets and finance the new or refurbished equipment via Merchant West. We will then manage the assets and contracts for the duration of the rental agreement."

The company procures used computer equipment, tests it thoroughly and refurbishes it. These IT assets are then leased to companies looking for a low-cost option and one that enhances their environmental credentials. This equipment is also available at 75 percent less than new equipment and comes with a standard 1-year warranty that is upgradable to 3 years.

The CRS trademark offers a stamp of assurance and a promise to deliver quality, value for money and integrity in every product sold. All CRS products are certified by a trusted and accredited refurbishing factory that offers adequate warranties and return policies.

"There are ways to become more profitable by simply changing your attitude and purchasing habits. It's not always about increasing sales, but rather about reducing costs. There is a definite move towards refurbished equipment, clients should take advantage of this full end-to-end IT Asset Lifecycle solution - from acquisition to financing, management and disposal," she concludes.

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