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How Our SERI R2v3 Accreditation Benefits Your Company

When disposing of your company's redundant IT equipment, it is vital to know where it goes and what happens to it. To give our clients absolute peace of mind, we have obtained our R2 certification.

R2v3 is an international standard for responsible recycling, meaning there is constant tracking throughout the custody of your IT equipment, and there is a policy forcing the reuse and recovery of old tech instead of straight disposal – this directly combats the world's growing eWaste problem.

Often ITAD companies aim to profit without any consideration for the planet, proper data disposal destruction, or where their client's assets end up. This can be disastrous for any company.

With R2v3 certification, you can be assured that your old electronics will not end up in a landfill, where they would be contributing to the world's e-waste problem and face the risk of data leaks that could cause your company both financial and reputational damage. We ensure that old electronics are tracked to the final destination through our approved downstream vendors.

This level of trust and security is reinforced by annual audits conducted by R2-authorized certification bodies.

When disposing of your company's IT equipment, you want a service you can trust, both in privacy and sustainability.

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