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Engineering firms opt for affordable refurbished high-end IT equipment

Global economies are under severe pressure and as the business environment becomes more competitive, engineering firms may have to become innovative to stay afloat. Local IT firm Xperien is now offering high-end Certified Refurbished Systems (CRS) including workstations, laptops, servers and networking equipment to help ease the current financial pressures.

Xperien MD Alvin Peacock says engineering firms have to run their businesses more effectively when economic conditions are tough and unpredictable. “The economy is struggling and it’s putting direct and indirect pressure on business owners who are careful about spending money as a result of a weakening Rand, higher inflation and increasing interest rates. As an immediate solution, we now offer affordable, reliable high-end equipment at half the price.”

He says distributors are also not stocking high-end equipment and they now require at least six weeks lead time to deliver orders. “For this reason, one can now purchase high-end CRS equipment today. Note only will your bucks stretch further you may even be able to complete small projects before stock arrives from usual channels.”

Xperien has refined its refurbished process which is ISO certified and it offers a 12 month warranty on all refurbished equipment. Integrity tests are done on each critical component to ensure the highest standards and functionality.

Benefits include:

· Quality and peace of mind at a great price

· Access to the broadest selection of used CRS systems, upgrades and features available, including a wide array of refurbished equipment on request

· Replicates and expands existing IT infrastructure rather than introducing new technology

· An alternate proposal when limited budget puts new equipment out of reach

· Reduces fixed cost to enable one to be more competitive in the marketplace

· Lowers IT costs to allow one to invest in the core business

· Consistent infrastructure provides for minimal IT disruption

· Unmatched quality and service

For more information or to schedule an asset disposal or data destruction project contact Xperien on (011) 462-8806 or visit

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