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Don't Assume, Make Sure.

When it comes to the disposal of your company’s data, you can’t cut any corners—and neither can your ITAD partner. R2v3, otherwise known as Responsible Recycling, is an international standard that ensures your redundant IT assets are never put in a position where they might fall victim to data theft and potential lawsuits.

Failure to pick an accredited ITAD provider opens the environment to irreversible damage and your company up to lawsuits, reputational damage, and colossal data security threats.

Choosing the right ITAD provider can be tricky, and as a business, you cannot assume they have the correct accreditations; you need to make sure. Therefore, the R2v3 accreditation is of enormous importance and places Xperien at the top of the IT Asset Disposal game.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa says e-waste is the fastest-growing stream in the world. “We are happy to show our commitment to sustainable use and recycling of electronics by obtaining the world premiere e-waste recycling accreditation.”

ITAD companies with R2v3 certifications should be preferred as disposal partners as they dispose of their client’s data sustainably and efficiently whilst protecting the environment.

Do the right thing for your company and the environment by picking an ITAD provider you can trust and who has the certifications to prove it.

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