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Deploy Certified Refurbished Systems™

A Sandton law firm with 231 staff had accumulated a mishmash of computer hardware throughout many years of different IT managers with varying policies.

Their challenge was to improve the overall performance of their ageing IT hardware fleet and migrate to the latest software. The computers required for basic administrative office tasks included a specification of 8Gb RAM and 256Gb SSD from a Tier 1 manufacturer like Dell, HP or Lenovo. Due to global supply chain constraints in 2nd and 3rd quarter 2020, they were unavailable.

We proposed a solution that was able to exceed their IT hardware functionality requirement by refurbishing older generation computers. We filled the gap with Certified Refurbished Systems (CRS) equipment, overcoming the global supply chain constraint and undercutting the IT hardware budget by 54%. It also improved the client “IT sustainability” credentials

All CRS ™ computers comes with a standard 12-month warranty that can be upgraded to suit your requirements e.g. 3-year next business day onsite or collect and return.

Asset finance is also available on CRS ™ equipment. 

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