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Children benefit from various Xperien CSI initiatives

Local IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) specialist Xperien has launched Urban Mining, a new initiative aimed at assisting non-profit organisations that provide education and assistance for disadvantaged children in South Africa. It is an ambassador for Love Trust and Wheel Well, two non-profit organisations that are focussed on the development and safety of children.

Xperien CEO Wale Arewa says the Urban Mining initiative aims to collect redundant computers from corporate companies, by offering to sanitise the data residing on these computers, refurbish them and redistribute them to previously disadvantaged communities.

Wheel Well is the only non-profit organisation that focuses exclusively on road safety for children in South Africa and Love Trust provides quality Christian education for vulnerable children. Xperien has developed a good relationship with both, it solicits computer equipment and donations from corporate companies through exposure of the Urban Mining initiative at major cycling events.

Team Xperien Cycling was established to raise awareness for non-profit organisations. The team and its supporters network at key cycling events to create exposure for sponsors in return for their contribution to Xperien's Urban Mining initiative.

"Love Trust does not believe in providing just any education, but seeks to impart an excellent education for vulnerable communities that can give rise to a generation of servant leaders for our communities and later, for our country. We believe that Love Trust is making significant headway in the struggle to eradicate poverty through the provision of world-class, quality driven education for those that need it most," says Arewa.

"Similarly, Wheel Well strives to be the most visible, audible and effective change agent in Road Safety for Children in South Africa, thereby reducing the death toll of children on our roads," he adds.

Wheel Well aims to raise awareness, educate and effect changes and enforcement of legislation on issues surrounding road safety pertaining to children both in and around the vehicle. This will be accomplished through visible community and national campaigns/ projects. Wheel Well will align with partners and sponsors of like mind, whilst maintaining complete integrity and transparency in its activities.

Love Trust’s flagship project is Nokuphila School, based in President Park on the border of Tembisa. Nokuphila started in 2010 with just 45 pre-schoolers in Grade 0 and now has 257 children up to Grade 4. Love Trust is determined to ensure that the school goes up to Grade 12 and will host approximately 600 students.

For more information or to schedule an asset disposal or data destruction project contact Xperien on (011) 462-8806 or visit

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