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Automating IT Asset Disposal

Telecommuting will have an enormous impact on the future of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), data erasure and electronics recycling. Businesses keeping their staff at home will need to provide them with IT equipment, they will need more equipment like computers and printers.

Electronics recyclers and ITAD service providers will have to adapt to the 'new normal' and need to provide new innovative services in order to survive. More importantly, they will have to automate their services and adapt to a new contactless work environment. This can be done by introducing remote data erasure services and contactless collection of IT assets.

The reality is that businesses will most likely keep their IT assets rather than recycle them and refurbished equipment will become the first option for many struggling organisations. Market research firm Gartner reported that in the first quarter of 2020, shipments of new PCs around the world declined by 12.3% year over year.

This is a complex business and an ever changing industry. Our first priority is from a security perspective is to protect a client's reputation whilst offering them a good return on investment. Investment firm Morgan Stanley recently faced a lawsuit from clients for comprising their personal information through negligence of an ITAD company.

This highlighting the importance of proper data management practices. There is a huge demand for safe, secure ITAD services and it’s critical to employ a credible ITAD provider that offers data sanitisation and destruction services.

Whilst doing so, they need to protect your company’s data integrity and privacy, handle all equipment in an environmentally responsible way and at the same time, save your company money.

ITAD service providers are an integral part of the overall IT asset lifecycle management process. However, many of them struggle with ITAD risk, data security and proper environmental recycling. A reputable ITAD provider must provide proven data erasure and data destruction services to ensure the company’s sensitive information is protected.

The benefit of a good ITAD strategy is extra money to boost your purchasing power to help upgrade equipment and to ultimately help your company's bottom line. Sell your used hardware at maximum value and use that income to fund future projects.

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